Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When is Tuesday like Friday?

When you close your office on Weds! I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's my total fave holiday. Five-day weekend and all.

So, in preparation for the big holiday, I thought I'd share how I get ready for a turkey day with my family:
  1. Discuss with your mom and sisters who is making what for Thanksgiving. Your sister who has recently moved back to the area will be making pies, and has totally usurped your position as pie maker.
  2. Resent her for 5 minutes.
  3. Volunteer to bring jello and salad.
  4. Search the internet for crazily good salads you can make. Find difficult and extravagant salads and home made dressings on Food.com. Dream a little about candying almonds and develop a craving for beets.
  5. Because you are all about fiber, decide you must make something with spinach and beets. Beets beets beets beets.
  6. Your mom reminds you that you have picky eaters in the mix.
  7. Eat the beets on your own goddamn time. Pickle a few for mom so she will love you best.
  8. Go back to step 4. Settle on fancy thing with arugula and blue cheese and dressing made out of clementines.
  9. Go to the grocery store with everyone else in Denver on Tuesday night because the snow's a-coming tomorrow.
  10. Throw out fancy salad idea and settle on the old standby. But buy the fancy bacon, it's a holiday for cripe's sake.

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