Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Blog

My sister and I are working to have a blog per obsession. I'm pleased to announce the inception of The Cinema Firmament!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Important Lessons

Just moments ago, before The Kid got into the bathtub, he needed to go potty. I told him he could raise the seat to pee if he wanted to, "because that's what boys do." Then, as he went, I said, "Then, when you are done, put the seat back, because that's what good boys do."

Just a single mother, doing her job to advance the male population...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Three Reasons Not To Blog

It has been a record 17 days since my last post. There are three good reasons why.

First: I've been obsessed with my other hobby. This hobby would be rediculously fanatical Denver Bronco Football mania. In terms of elation caused by this hobby, this hobby kicks all all other hobbies, um, asses (on the converse, I know few people who are moved to sobbing by knitting, or two-to-three week long depression after a particularly heartbreaking decoupaging, so the depression factor exists, but won't happen this year, if you know what I mean...) For those of you living under a rock, today the Broncos are hosting the Steelers in the AFC Championship. I've been more than a little obsessed.

Second: I made an investment. I have had super cable installed as well as a DVR. So many people I know are television haters, but I am not. I love my tv shows. And with the Kid aging, I have either been unable to watch them due to content (um, Sopranos anyone?), or due to the need to read to my child and generally to parent (anything on after 7:30 pm). Oh, and there's that whole sleep thing (Daily Show). DVR changes all of that in one decisive pressing of the pause button. It's been wonderful. I forgot how great it is to cozy up on my couch for a good show, but now I can cozy up and watch it whenever I am able, rather than just watching 1/3 of whatever show I like, missing half of the plot, etc.

Third: The Kid has been doing incredibly well. All hail Abilify! His behavior charts from school have been near-to-perfect. His behavior at home has been easy going and even keeled. No rages, no crying. But also, no numbness. My biggest fear in giving him psychiatric drugs was that he would become a zombie. But, no, he's still my earnest, charming, intelligent, vital little boy. Oh, and one day, I told him, "Wow, you need to clean your room." Do you know what he did? He went and cleaned it. I was shocked. He's also sleeping on his own better. He's also behaving better around my family's kids (where in almost anything would have been an improvement, but as parents we are always looking for the good!). It's been great. I'm going to truly enjoy this quiet period. I have read too much and know other bipolar children, so I know that because this is working now, we are not necessarily "done." But it's been good lately, so I'll take that.

Go Broncos!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Apparently, one of the more traditional baby doctor experts has decided that it can be beneficial to allow your baby to sleep in your bed with you. There's an article, here, about it from the NY Times last week.

I'm so glad the hi-falutin' physicians of the United States have finally caught up to the wisdom of mothers across the globe, and across the millenia (I'm so totally sure that the cave-women let their babies cry for hours in the back of the caves, attracting predators, alienating cave-mates, and creating self-soothing individuals, ha ha).

The Kid NEVER slept in his crib. I tried to make him cry it out for three days when he was about 9 months old. It was horrible. He went hoarse. He threw up all over himself, and he never slept, except after about 5 hours of LITERALLY CONTINUOUS CRYING, and at that, he fell asleep sitting up. I just couldn't stomach that.

With all of the behavioral issues he's had, all of the discipline issues at school, the anger and rages, I am so grateful for our awesome emotional connection that we have. In the midst of last fall's terrible drama, The Kid and I were able to still have a very open, loving mother-son relationship, communicative in emotional depth (for a 5-year-old) and The Kid never waivered in self-confidence in our relationship. I don't think his self-esteem was very adversely effected by any of the trouble at school. Dare I say it was due to our attachment? I nursed him for almost two years, and we co-slept. I also talk to him every day, read to him, and he's just naturally awesome, but I do have to wonder, had I perservered in the "let him cry it out" sleep issue, what would last fall have looked like?