Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I will be rooting for the Steelers this weekend...

In all fairness, I would have been anyway, but a Pittsburgian friend of mind told me this story today:

In 1975, The Terrible Towel® was created by the late Steelers broadcaster Myron
Cope to inspire fan involvement in a playoff game against the then-Baltimore
Colts. Thirty-three years later, The Terrible Towel® remains a Steelers
fan essential. And for the past 12 years, the sale of any The Terrible
Towel® product benefits the children and adults with intellectual/developmental
disabilities who are served by Allegheny Valley School. The funds that
Allegheny Valley School receives from The Terrible Towel® are used to cover
costs such as equipment, program expansions and renovations to our facilities.

The Allegheny Valley School is school and community care provider for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

How awesome is that?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disability is my life.

And I'm completely finding myself in disbelief that this is what it's come to.

My child is disabled. My mom is disabled. I care for them. I worry about them both, 24/7.

My professional career, which began, years ago, as a temp job, has become completely and totally about disability. [and before you go there, it's totally about insuring against disability, not actually helping those with disabilities, unless you consider those who have become disabled after already having been insured, AND you are rich. It's not noble work.]