Saturday, November 24, 2007

And we're off...

It's officially Christmas Season! Two indicators of this:

1. To truly prove that I am a Colorado Native, the majority of my friends from my lifetime here have moved elsewhere. They come home during the holidays, and for one month per year, I have a social life. That starts tonight. Maybe I'll tell you all about my crazy night out tomorrow.

2. The tree is up, and a boxful of cutesy santa and snowman stuff has replaced my normal candles and vases about the home. I'm not big into knicknacks. I clutter my house easily enough without them. During Christmas, however, I let go my issues with cutesy, and my issues with knicknacks, and decorate like the dorky suburban mommy that I am.

I was worried about the kitty getting into the tree, but my fears have been asuaged: She's found a new super stealthy spot to sleep all day.

I love this view of the tree because it makes it look enormous.

Alas, it is just The Kid who is enormous...

Happy Saturday. I'm off to drink a beer with friends. Happy happy Saturday!


Mr Lady said...

I seethe with jealousy. And who is that cat and what did she do with little Daisy?

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Thanks for the reminders that I need to get some candy canes today for the tree ;)