Friday, November 16, 2007


Ideas for stuff to write about Friday night:

1. I drove to work with a nail sticking out of my tire today. I ended up with 4 new tires because I put off buying new ones for so long (they were almost as bald as Telly Savales)

2. The nail was sticking out of the wall of my tire though. Do you think someone vandalized my car?

3. Yesterday, my neighbor left her car running, parked on the street, to warm up while she was inside. Naturally, her car was stolen. It was a Lexus SUV. She either has no common sense, or maybe she's from Canada?

4. Wonder what ill, car-related fate will befall my neighborhood tomorrow!

5. My baby neice, Q, is about the cutest thing in the whole freaking universe.

6. I wonder how many episodes Friday Night Lights has left in it because of the writers strike.

7. My guts are in knots, people. I'm serious. I can't really blog about this, but something has got to change.

8. I figured out my food coma from yesterday? That was the first carb-laden meal I've eaten in a week. I'm thinking the restaurant didn't drug me. It was the lo mein.

9. Maybe Jenny McCarthy is on to something with the no dairy, no carbs thing. But in reference to me, not The Kid.

10. Although my behavior wasn't any better. I was still a basket case.

11. Aw, fuckit. I'm just going to bed.

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Peggy said...

Baby Q is a doll, but it's her fault that I'm just now catching up on your blog, Molly. Anyway, regarding the nail in the wall of your tire ---

When I was in college, I had a crazed roommate who accused me and another roommate of vandalizing her toothbrush. She said we wound our hairs around the bristles in her brush. Did we? Nope - never even thought about it ... until she brought it up. (cue evil laughter ...)

I side with Jeff Goldblum's character in Jurassic Park and his chaos theory. I think weird stuff just happens. Like that weird staple that jumped in Kathy's mouth when she was a kid.

Oh, and I too wonder how many more episodes of FNL we will get. Sigh.