Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Favorite Wastes of Time

I know it's hard to believe that between blogging and reading blogs and doing all of the myriad non-computer-based tasks that fill my day I still find time to waste a lot of my time on this here internet. But, no! I am superwoman! I can run a household and an office and read homework with my child and keep my cat alive AND waste loads of time while I do it. I'm awesome.

Now, the things I'm about to share with you are in no way awesome. They are just what I do and when I'm done doing them, I'm all, Dude, what did you do with the last 30 minutes?

So, with further ado, here are my top 5 time-waster activities (non-blog) on these series of tubes:

1. Pop Cap Games. I'm so freaking embarrased to tell you this, but I ROCK at Zuma. I also am probably playing MahJong while I'm talking to you on the telephone. The Kid thinks these games are interminably lame, but my video game prowess began and ended with Tetris, so I think these games are so totally radical, dude!

2. Slate. Now, I do read the articles, but I come back for the Bushisms. Sometimes what he says sounds like those grammar lessons from 7th grade where we had to circle what was grammatically wrong with a sentence (subject-tense agreement, completion of thought, etc). And occassionally, when he doesn't sound like a complete ignorant baby-talker, he says these incredibly demonic things that make my spine seize. Another reason for Slate? The daily roundup of Political Cartoons.

3. Television Without Pity. I don't know what it is that I like about watching a television show and then spending time the next day reading snarky recaps about it. I've actually started watching shows with rabid followings on TWOP (Battlestar Gallactica), because I figure they know what the frack they are talking about.

4. Movie Trailers. Apple has the awesome hi-def ones to watch. points me to countless others. It's a totally solid pastime. By trailers alone, I must see Juno (which is the kind of movie one would expect me to want to see, by my 'I like Indie-stuff' persona and all) and I Am Legend (because no one can escape the charismatic grip of Will Smith, plus, SCAREDY!).

5. Okay. This last one? You are going to change your concept of me. You think I'm tough and smart and jaded and hard core. But no. I spend a little time every week, if not every day, oogling adoptable pets at the Denver Dumb Friends League Website. I mean, come on. I'm such a wus.


Leslie Dillinger said...

Remind me to introduce you to this blog called "Comics Curmudgeon." It is crack. Or criag. Or something. That reminds me--I now have to send an email to myself to remind me of the 10 million things I have to do when I get to the office tommorow morning.

Leslie Dillinger said...

And, I did not spell "tomorrow" correctly, on top of everything else.