Friday, November 09, 2007

So little to talk about tonight

I'm finding the blogging for the sake of blogging thing slightly draining. ALREADY. Happy NaBloPoMo.

I should have set myself with a motif. Or a plan in anyway. But no, I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

So, are you watching Friday Night Lights? It's seriously such a good show. Please watch it. Please watch it and let NBC know you watch it, and then maybe buy one or two things from their sponsors, but throw them and email to say, I wasn't going to buy this, but I saw your add while watching FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, and then I went out to buy it.

Anyway, it contains some of the most naturalistic conversations on television. It's like Altman movies, but more relatable. The marriage between Tami and Eric Taylor, their interactions, are magical. And annoying, and spontaneous and endearing and serious and funny and everything that a marriage is. Everything.

You can buy the DVD of season one for 20 bucks. Go buy it, get caught up. It is SO worth your time.



Leslie Dillinger said...

But at least it's forcing you to write, right? So that's something. I SO want to do this next year. I just can't this year with the new job. It's killing me. In a good way, though. I'm going to have to become techno savvy in such an incredible way. It's like being in Grad school all over again.

Em said...

I struggled with whether or not to blog daily for that same reason...would I choose a "theme" or just hope for daily inspiration. I procrastinated on that long enough that now I'll try again next year. LOL

molly_g said...

What you say, Leslie Dillinger, is true. However, are you watching Friday Night Lights or what?