Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Over the years I've developed quite the ritual to prepare for big school meetings. I always read everything I can in the days before, favorite chapters of my favorite books about The Kid's various issues; I lose sleep, I toss and turn; I get really stressed for a good 24 hours; I drink some beer; I listen to loud hard rock music in the car on my drive over to the school. All of this has served me pretty well, I suppose over the years, but now, I have a new secret weapon. It's a talisman, of sorts.

My friend Karen makes jewelry. That's not entirely accurate. She is a purveyor of gorgeous beads and charms who can combine them into the most sublime combinations with personalized touches and gorgeous details. She is also a mom of two fabulous young men. The older of the two is smart as a whip, an outgoing and funny little guy. The younger of them is a happy, gentle kiddo who loves words and letters, and has autism.

Karen has started two new endeavors recently, two etsy shops: one selling charms, the other jewelry. Karen made me a bracelet, a private power source for my every day life... She personalized mine, with beautiful colored crystals in the colors of Autism Awareness, The Kid's initials, a bead that says "HOPE" and a charm with the sign for Ohm, for my quest to approach each person in my life with the true, deep acknowledgement of their light and goodness (a wordy way of saying I try to say "namaste" to everyone I meet, even in IEP meetings), and for The Kid's abiding interest in Chakra Symbols.

This bracelet is definitely one of the things I would reach for if I had to flee my house in the dead of night. Not only is it beautiful, but symbolic, a talisman. It gives me power. It reminds me I have support in my friends, I look down at The Kid's initials and am reminded of why I do it all.

Take a click over to her site. Her stuff is beautiful.
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