Monday, July 17, 2006

Just curious...

Just wondering, how long do you think The Kid will require at bedtime 450 kisses, a special tuck in just for him, a special tuck in for his Snakey (his stuffed animal snake, that is, you sick twisted pervert!!!), his skelly pirate dude from McDonalds, his cold nosed pup, his Ice Bat, his mini Ice Bat, his OX, and his mini OX? Because between you and me, I wouldn't mind if he kept that up for a little while, anyway.


Alison said...

Well, if he's still needing all that in 10 years, you might have a problem - but I think that's just adorable, and of course you don't want him to stop anytime soon.

Peggy said...

While K has reduced her stuffed bed partners to just two - Minky and any other "softie" (she rotates them, for fairness) - she still requires many kisses, hugs, water, time to talk, etc. And she's nearly 10.

Oh, and the 13 yr old still prefers that I tuck him in too. Although "tucking in" now means waiting outside the bathroom while he gets ready and then just straightening his blankets around him and kissing the side of his head once. He'd kill me for telling this, but we found Puppet Cat a few weeks ago in the toy basket ... and he did take it to bed with him that night!)

So yeah, my guess is The Kid will keep up the routine for a while!

mr. lady said...

Oh, forever and ever, I hope.

But not like the Waterboy. That would just be creepy.

Beandog said...

PUPPET CAT! ohmigod I miss him sooo much!

Also happy Ice Bat & Co. are still playing such a prominent role in the Kids life.

Molly, you were pretty good at the bedtime stall yourself, if I recall, and often noodled your way into my bed. :)

Your Sis,