Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And so, I'd like all three of you who read my blog to go check out The HiPo Lounge. It is written by my dearest friend Sarah. Let me tell you a few things about Sarah Dawson.

I must tell you about the first time I met Sarah. I was a freshman at DePauw. I flew out to Oregon to visit my best friend from high school (for the interest of brevity, her name is Caty, and I guess I've caught a little of the Sarah Dawson, "I'm Direct" disease) at her college for a long weekend. Caty, being an anxious type, was very nervous about my visit and feverishly planned how I would meet her new best friend. She just wanted to make it a big deal that she had loads of new friends in college and her new best friend from college was the coolest girl in the world. She is just kind of neurotic that way. So there was a big party, and Caty was so fiendishly involved in being popular in her new college that I hung out with her new best friend from college and got to know her a little better. What ended up happening? Sarah Dawson became one of my new best friends in college and on and on.

Other things to know about Sarah:

  • She thinks talking like a stoner is both ironical and funny.
  • I can speak to her with complete sarcasm and she always gets it. Like, I have no need to put the, Just kidding! at the end of a particularly sarcastic comment.
  • She loves dogs.
  • She lived in Ireland and knows all about the student villages at the University College Dublin
  • She shares my deep, true adoration of the job of bridesmaid
  • We grew up 45 miles from each other, went to the same concerts in H.S., hung out at the same young, hip coffee shops and hangouts in H.S., but we never met until that trip to Oregon in 1995.
  • Most importantly, she is a truly great writer. Check her blog out!


Sarah Dawson said...

Molla G, you a stone cold gangsta. I got 99 issues and a bitch (insert your name here) ain't one. No, seriously, you're the main reason I started a blog in the first place. You're my total muse and I owe you your own post. True dat. Double true.

Love you.

mr. lady said...

I feel very strongly that you forgot to put a "just kidding" after bullet point 5.

Sarah, we will have to be fiends if you and my Molly are all hopelessly devoted and stuff.

molly_g said...

Mr. Lady, being your maid of honor was an honor and a pleasure for a number of reasons that almost disqualifies it from being your "bridesmaid."

1. You let me pick out my own dress
2. I did get to go dress shopping with you, but you didn't force me to all sorts of dumb crap including over involving me with the color selection of napkins.
3. I was only 22 years old then, and wasn't completely messed up in the head regarding marriage yet.
4. You had me read a totally salacious passage from Song of Solomon in front of my mom.
5. You chose a really hot best man for me.
6. I had a total blast at your wedding.

So, it doesn't count as being a bridesmaid. Your wedding was a whole other thing, because it was actually a blast to be a part of. Get it?

mr. lady said...

in front of your mom. never thought of it that way. shocking she still let's you come out to play with me.

and he was hot, wasn't he?

Sarah Dawson said...

Molly and I share the same loathing of the bridemaid duties, but I think we make exceptions for the special people. Shannon, we should also be friends on account of proximity. We're a two hour drive from one another. We can gang up on Molly and make her come up here.

Can you get hot men for other occasions? Say, "Next Friday?"

mr. lady said...

Hot groomsman was from Portland. Sadly enough, he moved awayand is a married minister now. I bet Josh knows some other hotties from there, though. He did live there for most of his life. I'll look into it.

Seriously, you're only 2 hours away. EEEEKKKK!

Molly, yousa movin'.

molly_g said...

Only if the Broncos move up there too.

Sarah Dawson said...

Hey, man. You know I'm the most loyal of all Broncos fans, but as I recall, it was, what? Wait, what? Oh, right, the SEAHAWKS that made it to the Superbowl last year.

(I'm totally kidding. The 'Hawks fucked it up good and proper. They pulled a true Broncos move, so if you're gonna be loyal, be loyal to the source, y'all.)

molly_g said...

God, Sarah, you scared me there for a minute. I was about to call Mr. Hovenweep on you to give you a little talk about the philosophy of being a bronco fan!

Mr. Hovenweep said...

Sarah and I had this conversation last night, and yes, she is a Sports Bigamist.
Sad but true. In any event, the rules for being a sports fan have been explained in depth by one more eloquent than myself here -
You have to pay to read the original article on ESPN.

Pay special attention to rule 18. It's so sad to see a friend... well, you know (at least we have each other Molly).

and yes, this is my first (and possibly last) blog post ever.

molly_g said...

Oh my god, I've been commented by Hovenweep! Joy!

Go Broncos!