Sunday, July 16, 2006


It is 102 degrees in Denver today. Oy.

In order to avoid the heat, we went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I guess it all started with Lord of the Rings, or maybe even the Matrix's second two movies, but there is definitely a trend toward Hollywood making movies that have plots last over several movies. It's not like Star Wars, the first three of which had actual beginnings, middles and endings for each movie, with a larger plot paying off at the end of the third. This second Pirates movie was a lot of exposition for the movie that will come out next year.

That said, I thought it was such a blast. The Kid enjoyed it very much too. Some parts were a bit scary though and he spent a few minutes of the film on my lap with his head buried in the crook of my neck. He let out the single greatest, loudest, blood curtling, scared to death scream at the moment Captain Jack Sparrow met with the mouth of the cracken or craggen or whatever that thing was called. It was good, thrilling moviegoing.

Highly recommended.

Anyway, that's kind all I've got this afternoon, apart from a pounding sugar headache from eating half a bag of sour gummi worms.

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Alison said...

Didn't go see a movie this weekend - would have been a good move over the miserable heat at home. Did eat half a bag of regular gummi bears, though - only thing that sounded good...