Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another Post in Bullet Point Form

Or, the executive summary of my life.
  1. I've reconnected with an old friend, who has a really great website, visit her on myspace, or maybe even buy one of her cds. She is incredibly talented. She is a professionally trained flutist who can dance like no one I've ever seen. She's making some pretty exciting music. Hi Divasonic!!!
  2. I finally got The Kid to part with a bunch of his baby toys. Or junk. It's an eye of the beholder thing. But anyway, his room is so clean and organized now I just want to move in there.
  3. The Kid is working really hard on learning how to pronounce L's. So, no more Fa Wa Wa. I cry, because I think that when the L if pronounced will mark the day of the official end of the days of baby.
  4. I've written this entire post with one hand because the other has been dialing for Elliott on American Idol. I'm an addict. Like, I've got a problem with this show in that I geek out about it so very much. But Dude, this kid really did a great job tonight.
  5. Regarding my recent theme of dogging on Tom Cruise, I want you all to go read this post from Go Fug Yourself.


Alison said...

I know Elliot's good, but I just can't get past the cheese factor. I have to say - I'm still a Chris supporter. He's hot.

molly_g said...

Alison, someday you are going to have to explain your love of Chris to me. I just don't have it. I listen to him, look at him, and I'm just not feeling it.

Peggy said...

Nice job multi-tasking, Molly! Excellent work! You should have seen me, C and K on Tuesday night. C dialed w/ his cell phone - me with mine, and K with our landline. When K got tired of dialing, I was doing two phones at once!

Oh, and I cry too, about the woss of his l's. (He still pronounces K's name the same though - doesn't he?) I will gasp and choke and cry the day I hear him pronounce it "right" 'cuz it just won't ever be truly right again ...

Dang. I'm choking up right now even thinking about it. (GULP)

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to worry much when Ernin became Erin since the whole family seems to like Ernin much better anyway! Yeah Ernin.

Francine said...

I love the Tom Cruise link. It's hilarious. I love that they mock his hair. What is it that our celebrities seem to become bobble-headed versions of themselves at some point? (my new theme)

I don't even know what to say about the L's. sigh.