Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fa wa wa wa

Note to self: Never forget how adorable it is to hear The Kid sing Christmas carols, especially the ones laden with the "L" sound, as The Kid now substitutes W's for L's.

"Deck the haws with boughs of hah-wee. Fa wa wa wa waaa..."


Anonymous said...

Liz here from I Speak of Dreams. My middle stepson had a heavy baby accent well through second grade.

"Wiz, I want a bwoom to bwoom my woom before mommy comes."

Tape it if you can.

Oh, and check out this article on the Austin Harvard School. Snippet follows:

“That first year, we thought we were an ADHD school, but the majority of the kids had mood swings and were actually undiagnosed but truly bipolar,” Glad told us. Although they initially started with certified teachers, they found out that the children seemed to learn better with a CD-ROM program called Switched-On Schoolhouse. I asked her why.

This kind of curriculum focuses them. Each student has a carol and a computer with headphones, and the curriculum is visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and allows each child to progress at his or her own speed. Because the curriculum is rich and comprehensive, our teachers don’t have to spend as much time doing lesson planning and grading and they can deal with each child’s behavioral and emotional issues.

Switched-on Schoolhouse is a Christian values program, and each grade level comes bundled with a Bible study section (Austin Harvard doesn’t use this and has children of all religions in the school).

jacik said...

so very pwecious.