Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm just really not very cool anymore.

My Saturday night, to wit:

  1. The Kid and I watch National Lampoon's Vacation. I make him help me clean the kitchen when the "sexy" parts come on. He proves that he is totally my kid when he gets overly concerned with the whole 'Aunt Edna is dead' part, and later tells me that he didn't really like it because they were so mean about her. I hate comedies that involve dead bodies. It makes me really uncomfortable. Vacation gets a pass, however, because on a family road trip, my family pulled a pull-the-car-over-to-the-side-of-the-road, everyone-jumps-out-screaming, not because of a dead aunt, but because of the announcement, "Mom, Molly's wretching!"
  2. After I get The Kid to bed, I spend the next two hours playing with the new toy I got from my mom on Easter. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I'm not going to go all domestic product placement blog on you, but I swear to God, this is the best thing that ever happened to my bathroom. Seriously, clean your grout with this thing. It was kind of orgasmic.

So, yeah, I've reached that point in my adult life where the most exciting thing that happened to me all weekend was that I found a product that will get the slimy crap out of my grout and aptly cleans the jacuzzi jets in my master bath. And not only that, I am so psyched about it that I've chosen to write about it in my blog.

I'm so awesome.


jacik said...

and as you are describing it, i am excited about getting myself one of these. we are getting older and better.

Peggy said...

Yo Molly - try the Magic Eraser on scuffs and (YES) crayon on the walls.

It's K's new hobby. She comes to me over the weekend saying, "Mom, I'm bored. Can I scrub with the Eraser sponge?" And she happily sets about the house, cleaning scuffs and smudges from our walls. Having your 9 yr old daughter clean your house for "fun!" - now THAT'S orgasmic! ;-)

Alison said...

There's something very comforting about being "not cool" anymore, don't you think? I find you're able to enjoy your life and things like magic erasers much more. One of the blessings of getting older, wouldn't you say?

Divasonic Music said...

Hey! I could use that stuff! What is it called?...I hate dirty...:)