Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Three bits of good news (finally)...

1. Finally, by all reports, The Kid had a good day. He came home with two happy faces. We had a party tonight.

2. Finally, I talked to the psychologist that is going to be doing his evaluation. Because we both have pretty crazy work schedules, we've penciled tomorrow at 2pm in our calendars for a teleconference.

3. Not finally as in the sense above, but as it is the last of three items I can say: Finally, one of my mom's good friends, a retired special ed teacher, has agreed to go into The Kid's classroom to observe for me. She is a trusted friend (She helped me teach The Kid how to nurse in those first crucial days after he was born! She keeps coming to my rescue!) and can act as my ears and eyes in the classroom, as I wouldn't be able quietly observe his classroom without tainting the experience somehow just by being present. Additionally, her background will be helpful to both the teachers and me.

Here's to good news, and just in time, I was starting to feel like Eeyore or Debbie Downer or something.

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