Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thank you, thankyouverymuch!

So, good news today! 4 happy faces! He had a great day!

When I picked him up from day care today, he told me the great news, hugged me and we shared one big happy face between us. I said, "well, we should have a party!!!" We went to the gas station and bought three bottles of soda (a rare thing in my house, that soda).

After dinner, we invited Little Neighbor down for our rocking party. I asked the kids if they wanted to have a dance party, but they decided on a much tamer drink-soda-while-we-play-with-the-Leap-Pad party. I just love parties, so I was in for it. I played, or rather, watched them play for a little while and decided instead to have a do-the-dishes party. We know how to party, yo.

A while later, Little Neighbor came into the kitchen complaining of the hiccups. I handily cured them, I think, because after he drank his water, he ran back down the hall to go party, but instead ran head-to-head into The Kid. It would have been a manageable collision if The Kid hadn't been holding a robotic dinosaur at the time. Little Neighbor got hurt, and I walked him home for some tender lovin' care from his mommy.

When I got home, I found The Kid crumpled up on his bed, quietly crying. I asked him if he was hurt. He said, "No, I ruined my party!"

I said, how can we turn this party around? You had such a good day, let's make this a good night! I was thinking bowl-of-ice-cream better, or perhaps extra-chapter-of-Harry-Potter better.

The Kid wiped his eyes and looked at me, and said, "Mom? I think I need some Rock and Roll."

About three months ago I had a dinner party where The Kid made his room into a concert hall. He put all the blankets and pillows on the floor (so I guess it was more like a jam-band flophouse than a concert hall) and he got on his bed and performed a rock concert for us. We asked him what his band was called, and he replied, "The Rock Star Scare." He sang The Rock Star Scare's biggest hits, "Twenty-million years ago" and "T-Rex/Velociraptor." He even signed autographs. The Kid LOVES the Rock and Roll.

So, rocking and rolling was apparently in order. I asked him, what kind of Rock and Roll do you need? With complete, earnest resolve, he replied, "Mom, I need Elvis." Amen, hallelujah.

We put on my CD of Elvis's 1978 tv concert and rocked out. We jitterbugged, we boogied. I taught him how to dance like Elvis the Pelvis... He got our wooden back scratcher for a microphone and serenaded me with "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" By the end of Don't Be Cruel, he had completely forgotten about the Little Neighbor vs. Robotic Dinosaur collision (although I'm not sure about Little Neighbor, doubt he's forgotten), and The Rock Star Scare ended his very good day with a good night, Thank you! Thankyouverymuch!

On an aside, if you think that is funny, check out Mister Lady's kid's recent night-night "tuck in."

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mister lady said...

that is flippin' sweet.

i need some elvis, too...