Friday, September 16, 2005

An Inside Joke, like the flat thing with legs where you eat!

Sorry folks, this is a post specifically for two very important ladies in my life...

The Psychologist told me that one of the IQ tests she did was identification of pictures of objects. It started simple, and then the objects got more, um, advanced, at least for a 5-year old, to identify. She told me that once the objects got more difficult to identify, The Kid knew what they were, but would describe them not merely by their physical attributes but for what they were used. She said a couple of times he would talk around it before he got the answer, and she allowed those answers as correct.

The example she gave me was an hourglass. The Kid at first called it a sand-timer. He talked around it until he got the word hourglass. I had to laugh and say, one of the smartest people I know in the world does that as an adult! She's been known to call a glass a "water holder!" He he. Tiger, you've got a kindred spirit in The Kid. We already knew that, though.

To make this post more universally enjoyable:

The Kid is not alone. When I dropped him off at school this morning one of his classmates (we'll call him Teeny-tiny) was running around growling at everyone, doing kung fu, and pretending the arm-straps of his backpack were numchucks. Teeny-tiny is an ADORABLE kid. He's the smallest in the class by 6-7 inches. He's got a little round face, closely shaved brown hair and is missing his two front teeth. He's not fat at all, but his cheeks are so chubby that he's got a kind of squint to his eyes. Teeny-tiny is also ALWAYS wearing something StarWars. That always cracks me up.

So Teeny-tiny was running around, alienating kids and parents, growling, screaming "HI-YAAA" and some other unspellable karate noises. I asked him, "Teeny-tiny, what did you eat for breakfast this morning?" He replied, "Karate chops! I eat Karate guys for breakfast, HIII-YAA!"

That made my morning.


mister lady said...

Is Teeny-tiny Owen Meany?

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jaci K. said...

i love you and the Kid!
we have that bond forever!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

ANything is indeed possible!

Thank you for visitng my blog, and for your insightful comments as well.