Thursday, May 10, 2007

She's Baaaack....

Mr. Lady, you know, my bff, has hit the blogosphere again, this time in green.


mr lady said...

Someday, just maybe, I'll be cool enough to be black.

mamacumquat said...

Dude, you won't ever guess what i just found out. I googled Jon (ex) because i was going through old papers/pics, etc. and i found his e-mail address. This sparked me to wonder, what's that guy up to?

So, i googled and then, shit, i'll have to find the link another time, that he was in Antartica, under what auspices, i have no idea.

Thus, with curiousity piqued, i thought, what the hell, i'll see of his old e-mail works, as i have had same e-mail for a millenium. I get an auto-response saying that he is in alaska and out of e-mail contact until the end of the month. Crazy! I can't wait to hear what that dude's been up too.

I saw video footage taken of him while in antartica--looked a big bigger around the middle and certainly had not washed his hair in days. Scruffy fer sure.

Anyway, will keep you posted!