Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Um, what happened to February?

It's like, gone. And I can barely account for it. I know that The Kid turned seven. He had a pretty fab party with our family:

And then, another fab party with his best friends forever:

Also, there was this Blogger Bash thingie that allowed me to meet some super nice bloggers and let my slight fear of meeting new people prevent me from meeting a bunch of others (or really, my severe laziness that keeps me from meeting anyone not sitting directly next to me)... But at any rate it also just so happened to be a great excuse to hang out with my BFF:

I guess I've just been partying too much.
As far as the whole, "How is The Kid" thing, I must say that he's doing pretty well. You have to keep in mind that a kid like The Kid is going to have days that, isolated, sound horrible. But on the whole, this kid is doing great in a school that is simply designed to teach him and kids like him. I have a lot to say on this subject, but I'm still so blown away that it is now a full week in to March that I just need to go to bed. Just please, don't let me sleep until April.


me said...

We have to find and/or take a better picture of your BFF.

molly_g said...

I, of course, think my BFF looks pretty in that picture! Certainly, the picture is fuzzy, but that's what you get when you give a drunk Andy your camera... But yes, we need a few more nights out together, with or without cameras!

Alison said...

Yay parties!

Glad things are going well. It's good to have you back :)

Sarah Dawson said...

I think the BFF looks pretty as well. So do you! I miss you guys so much! And it looks like The Kid had a blast, dude.

andy said...

I think it's artistic. Although, you know, I think I accomplished the impossible: with an auto-focus camera, absolutely nothing in the frame is in focus.

Still waiting on all the fab crotch shots I took!

andy said...

Hey - since the email seems to be wonky, just letting you know I did get the crotch shot photos; just need to get around to posting them, perhaps tonight. Thanks!

The denial message you got might be because my WWR account forwards to my gmail account. The username is the same (andybud), so if you want to just change worldwiderant to gmail, they should come straight to me.

Thanks again!