Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ha ha heh

Tuesday is Shannon's birthday. I kind of love the woman to death... We first met about 15 years ago, and we've wove in and out our each others lives ever since. So, what can I say about her that I haven't already said?

She's the absolute package, people. She is a looker, that's one. Also, she's funny. No, like really. And if only she still had a blog I could link to, I would prove that one... But seriously, she's a true and honest friend, a really loyal person. She's one of the smartest people I know, and she's gloriously self aware. She makes good babies. She knows her whiskey, and her favorite book is Prayer for Owen Meany. I hear she also likes long walks on the beach, and pina coladas. And yes, getting caught in the rain. Although, if she's got the baby in the stroller with her and the groceries to bring in, she actually doesn't like rain persay. Anyway, if you want to date her, just let me know. She's hot. But like, I'm her BFF, and well, don't mess with her.

So, Soapy Water dating service aside, what do you give the woman who has it all?


me said...

I could die a thousand deaths now!

Molly, I loves you so bad it hurts, dude.


The Retropolitan said...

I was kind of hoping for "Sussudio."