Thursday, February 08, 2007


Tonight, at bedtime:

Me: Good night, sweetheart. Happy Birthday.

The Kid: Hey mom, you know what? Tomorrow, I get to wake up as a seven year old for the second time!

Me: That's awesome, Kid.

The Kid: I know. I love this age.


Sarah Dawson said...

Happy, happy birthday to The Kid!

jacik said...

This day crept upon me! Crap!
I feel like a horrible auntiejaci.
wher is my brain? you don't want to know.

mamacumquat said...

happy birthday Mr. Kid!

The Retropolitan said...

Boy, is he gonna be in for a rude awakening when he hits eight.

JohnL said...

I hope all went well with the birthday celebration and I hope all's going well with everything.

If that ain't enough superlatives....



Jippy said...

Oh a happy seven YO kid..... nice. : ) I love it when Kids say the darndest things.

andy said...

Unrelated to this post, but it was good to finally meet you at the RMBB!

Diane said...

I hope The Kid had a great birthday and all is well.