Friday, September 01, 2006

Some really great words to say with a stuffy nose:

1. Stuffy nose
2. Veronica Mars
3. Confused. [as in the not at all funny part of The Color Purple that a couple of friends of mine have forever ruined for me: Believe me, if you've ever walked up to your friend Dominic and just randomly asked him, "How are you feeling?" and he answered all southern and Oprah-like, "Confused," you will laugh til you cry. You should also try the word out with your next head cold. That's all I'm saying here.]
4. I'm cute! [a la Rudolph]

On to other things: We went to the dentist today. As you probably already know, DENTIST is a scary and notorious concept in our house. The Kid's teeth, however, are great! He gets major gold stars for brushing and flossing and using mouthwash!!! I, however, have been knocked from my pedestal. At 30 years old, the dentist has found my first cavity. I'm kind of devastated. Like, I was always all, "I've never had a cavity." "The dentist, though he is evil, always compliments me on my beautiful teeth." "I'm the poster child of flouridated water, my teeth are sparkling examples of better living through science." But now, after a two year absence from the dentist due to the paranoia of already having taken enough time off from work to deal with the many medical issues of my offspring, have caught his sugar bug disease. And I've learned that because of the superior quality of my teeth, I also have superior quality saliva, which creates superior quality tartar, which after two years of build up requires superior quality scraping and buffing and shining and spitting of blood into the little dentist sink. So, the lesson here? Go to the freaking dentist.


Sarah Dawson said...

Dude, you'd better start watching VM, and soon. It's so good. I promise you'll love it.

Congrats to The Kid for good teeth! And I'm sorry you have a cavity. You'll get over it, I promise. You really do have lovely teeth.

I'm dreading my next dentist appointment. And my next vision appointment. And my next general check up. And of course, the gynecologist (sp?)

molly_g said...

I actually have watched Veronica Mars. It was one of those things that I caught on to kind of late, and then watched a few episodes of, but given the hour it is on, haven't had a chance to really WATCH (bedtime, stories, etc.). This will be my first season w/ DVR, if I choose to continue to pay for it, so that could change things, but then, what about the episodes I've missed?

It is a truly brilliant and fun show to watch. It's smart, and stuff.