Saturday, September 30, 2006

Post Secret

Have you ever clicked on my link to Post Secret over there on the side bar? It's been widely written about, and I noticed when I checked the site this morning that I was somewhere in the ballpark of the 45 millionth hit on the site, so I'm guessing you have at one time or another. I don't know if this is not cool or whatever, but I had to take a secret to post here, as it seems kind of apropos. Go visit this site, it's interesting.


liquidwafflegirl said...

Hey Molly- I don't know another way to contact you, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your comment-- I didn't realize how some of the things that I wrote might have been construed-- I left a comment on my page commenting on what you wrote, and hopefully I explained myself a little better than I did when I first described back to school night.

Again, thanks for the comment!

stormare mackee said...

Hello, I found your blog when looking for info about bipolar kids. I read through it from the beginning and went: Oh. My. God. My 5-year-old son got kicked out of three daycares because of aggressive behavior. He goes through cycles of being a "normal" (albeit very active) child and "climbing up the walls". He can be an angel one day, and a screaming devil the next. AD(H)D medications and anti-depressants cause him to go apeshit. He was finally diagnosed as BP (unipolar mania), because no other diagnosis fits. I can so relate to what you've been through with the daycare and the school system. I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone, and wish you strength!