Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rock Bottom

I do believe we've reached it!

The problem:
The Kid is unmanagable. He's violent, and he's missing about 80% of instruction time due to his behaviors. He's scaring the shit out of everyone at the school, including the teachers and social worker. They say they aren't safe around him.

The School's Solution:
The school wants The Kid in SIED class. This stands for Significant Identifiable Emotional Disability. This is the type of class for kids who can't be in any other public school environment. They have asked that he not return to school until he goes to the SIED classroom. Oh, and the classroom? It's in another school.

My position:
The Kid is unstable. Medically. We do not have adequate mental health coverage. I've been getting this run-around with doctors and the insurance company for a year now. Actually a bit longer than that, as I first ventured into psych care for The Kid at his tender age of 18 months, but who's counting?

I don't know if I'm being pig-headed, but I don't think we make formal changes to his IEP and behavioral plan in light of his recent behaviors (which I think are worse than last year, or aren't being dealt with as adroitly as they were last year and therefore explode more potently), until we can receive good, intensive medical care in regards to his unchecked psychiatric disorder.

Did I tell you that we have no psychiatrist right now? Did I tell you the one we had who only ever prescribed pills anyway closed shop and retired to another state? Leaving us with a referral to a new doctor who in the end decided not to work with our insurance therefore leaving us without any medical care and 25 days worth of anti-psychotic medications that were probably not working anyway? Oh, I forgot to? woops.

I am truly of the opinion that we need to get The Kid's medical issue sorted. This is a seasonal disorder he's got here. He's in "the bad season." I want him stablized, medically, before they go branding him with the emotional disability (which in the world of education, as I understand it, is very different than the "other medical" classification The Kid currently has which qualifies him for services under IDEA).

So, I have kind of pulled him out of school, temporarily, at least. I'm working on admitting him to a psychiatric outpatient care facility, which will provide him with the meds consult he needs, along with much needed therapy.

Oh, and I'm filing a formal complaint to my employer for providing us insurance coverage which has essentially not covered us. EVER.

Oh, and I still have a job, but I have only worked two hours this week. So, The Kid's not learning, and I'm not working. This is working out fantastically for us.


Sarah Dawson said...

Hey. I'm applying for jobs right now, but it's looking pretty grim. This might change. If this does not change, I have thought about moving back to CO for my 3 month break. If I do move back, we'll figure something out, okay? I'll help you. We'll work out some schedule or something. I can't promise anything, but if I'm there I'll help you make it work. It's gonna be so worth it once The Kid figures out how to manage this stuff. You know that. I love you and admire you beyond belief.


Diane said...

Molly g,

I'm so sorry to hear about all of this.

First things first, I don't know that legally they can force your hand like this. I would investigate whether they can make you put him into an SIED class.

Somehow, you need to find a doctor and get one involved. You need an advocate and sound advice from a professional for you and your son to manage this better.

The school, I suspect is looking for the easiest solution and feels removing him from the classroom is for the best.

Good luck. This is dreadful and I can only imagine how stressful all of this is.

mr. lady said...

Welp, I guess I can fire up the old blog again. Somehow, divorcing my drunk ass husband sounds like a cake walk now.

I nub noo. And da'kid, too.

molly_g said...

Thanks for the comments dudes. It's been a fight, but this is a fight I'm up for.

After thinking about it for a full day, I'm coming to the belief that they aren't fulfilling the IEP, but instead just choosing to farm him out. I'm ready for the knock down drag out. I'll post about the details if I have the time.

palefire said...

Keep your head up, molla, you've got the right attitude. I'm thinking of you.

WCMSCoach said...


I read your post and felt for you. I teach an SIED class in Colorado at a local school. I am writing hoping to help clear some things up for you. Most kids labeled ED have violent behaviors. Your son seems to fit this label. The reason why the school is asking you to seek additional help for him is so that they don't open themselves up to a lawsuite by the parents of the kids that are having their learning disrupted. In the mean time now your child is not learning anything which means now you have a reason to be upset. What you can do if a school is telling you to send your child to a program is tell them they need to pay for it. Legally schools can not tell you to seek outside help which they can not provide with out paying for it. This is No Child Left Behind. Most ED kids are considered at risk kids. Most are usually on meds and in the kids that I see the meds are usually Lithium and Ambiify. Most of these kids need structure, follow through and consistancy. I hope this helps and if you need anything don't hesitate to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Tae care and hang in there.

venonad said...

Please, for the love of God, do not put your child in a SIED program. It has absolutly no benefit for anyone other than the teachers and the school district. I speak from EXPERIENCE. My son is now 21 years old is trying to get past the EXTREME EMOTIONAL DAMAGE inflicted upon him during his three years in the program. If you love your child you will not allow Jefferson County Public Schools to label your child or subject him to their intense behaviour modification program. By the way, my childs violent behaviour consisted only of breaking his pencil and tearing up his test. He was a third grader at the time.