Saturday, March 18, 2006

A much cuter picture

I've been accused of causing both nightmares and extreme shame from my previous post's nippletastic photo of Mr. David Hasselhoff. I think it's hilarious. You know what they say, "you can tell a lot by the size of a man's leprechaun hat..."

So, to alleviate this problem, I thought I'd post for you The Kid's award winning artwork. Seriously now, is this not the most adorable Cat in the Hat you have ever seen?

He won an art prize for Dr. Seuss's birthday a couple of weeks ago. I have really enjoyed watching The Kid come into his own with his art and drawing. He LOVES to tell stories with his art, and I think he's grown leaps and bounds with the details he draws. He is also very instinctually drawing contours of what he sees and not what he thinks he sees, which is the single most important thing that goes into learning how to draw.

We've all got that oft-forwarded email, "Your kid's artwork sucks." I HATE this email. Vehemently. Don't ever email it to me, ever. Do you hear that internet? NEVER. About 90% of adults are in a state of arrested development when it comes to drawing and art. We stop "learning" how to draw somewhere around 10 to 12, and stay there, stick men and all. We look at people who can draw as "magical" or "born with talent." We are wrong. I truly believe that everyone can learn how to draw. We just don't teach ourselves the skill of learning to see with our eyes instead of with our brains. The end result of this is alienation from art, which is so sad. It also leaves art to all of the pretentious art-people, when it could belong to everyone. I would love to see a world where everyone really learns how to draw as kids. I just wonder what it would look like, you know? A world where we've developed both the right AND the left sides of our brains equally?

Anyway, The Kid won a $10 gift certificate to a book store for his first judged art show. I hope it will be the first of many artistic triumphs The Kid has. This is my worst example of mom putting her hopes on The Kid, this art thing. But I wouldn't push it if he didn't show enjoyment in it, and he definitely does. We've already talked about taking hikes this summer in the mountains where we'll go draw. The Kid was excited about that idea, and I was too. Bring on the summer!!!!


jacik said...

congrats to the Kid! you rock!

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

That's a great use of space as well! He's got quite and eye on him! As for summer... I agree... bring it on! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Alison said...

I like the picture of David - I laughed. A lot. And shared with everyone at work...