Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Erin Go Bragh, Mr. Hunkyhoff! Rowr!
* * * * *

I love St. Patrick's Day. I am of Irish descent. I lived in Ireland. I love Irish Whisky. My birthday is the day prior.

I was in Ireland for two St. Patrick's Days. The first was my 21st birthday. It was wild wonderful fun. I was friends with this crazy french guy, named Fred. Seriously. His name was really Fred. Not a pseudonym. Fred was tall and lanky, and when I think of that St. Patrick's day, I envision Fred the French Guy dancing in his long-legged way that was really more aerobics class than dance fever, singing happy birthday to me in front of the Bank of Ireland. I also remember meeting Matty-o for a pint at the very yummy Porter House and laying a big fat smooch on him that day.

My second St. Paddy's day in Ireland was spent at a heavy metal bar, listening to AC/DC cover bands all night, thanks to my crazy Bostonian friends. The details are fuzzy from this particular St. Patrick's day, but I do remember one of the bands was called Joan of Arse, which will go down in my book as the funniest band names in the whole history of the world.

So, par for the course, I awoke this morning to a very strong sense of nostalgia for Ireland, and for Dublin especially. I hope I can go back sometime. In the meantime, I plan to drink a few Guinness, then a few Smithwicks, and hopefully the sense memory can appease my nostalgia.



Happy birthday to my brother-in-law, Scott. Your last name may be german, but at least you had the good sense to be born on an Irish holiday! Love you!


Peggy said...

I remember talking with you on the phone on one of those St. Patty's days you spent in Ireland. I remember you were on a pay phone, on the streets of Dublin, and somewhere within the conversation you paused and said, "Oh, there's a guy puking right outside this phone booth." Ha!
Oh, and let us not forget the Irish in Scotty! His beautiful, generous grandmother, Mrs. Bonnie Jean Piper Zimmerman! Scott is LEGIT ...

Love ya Molls, I'll bring some Guinness to Meema's tonight. Yum!
- Peg

jacik said...

you are the only reason i celebrate this holiday. me drinking a guiness and a shot of jameson, it's like you eating a polish sausage for me. true friendship.

mr. lady said...

I had nightmares about that picture.