Friday, March 31, 2006

I Forgot How Hard This All Was...

So, The Kid has had a recent and marked change in his behavior at daycare. He has been having more frequent temper tantrums, has tried to throw toys and was informed yesterday that he knocked a chair over in an aborted attempt to throw the chair. We've also noticed that at family gatherings he's been a little more excitable, spastic and is doing "that thing" with my mom's ottoman where he runs, lays across it and tries to roll it about the living room.

In short, The Kid's mood is ramping up towards what we now, since the bipolar diagnosis, can call mania.

Because he is still generally a very kind and friendly and charming kid, this has only been something mentioned to me by the daycare center manager because she has noticed it and wanted me to be aware of it, and to have me talk to him about it. I don't want his welcome to wear out, so I am finally getting around to calling psychologists to start therapy that will help him learn how to control his impulses and temper.

I was quickly reminded of how freaking hard it is to seek psychological treatment for a child, and how my having of insurance makes it even freaking harder. I resurrected the list that I was given back in September of local psychologists that accept my insurance. I must admit, however, that phone calls back have been much quicker lately, because in my messages I have been able to state his diagnosis, and that this diagnosis was done by DU. But I've been unable to find a psychologist willing to take us on, either because their practice is full, or they don't treat kids under 10, or because they don't accept my insurance anymore. Is it bad that I'm in a place where I'd be willing to fork over $120 per session than to make wild goose chase phone calls all over Denver to find a therapist that would accept my insurance and thus cost only $40 per session? Because that's where I am, almost, because yo, that's a difference of $80. PER SESSION! Which ultimately is PER WEEK!!!

So, if anyone knows a good psychologist in Denver willing to take on my crappy-paying insurance case, please let me know, because I've been trying for three days straight and I can't find one. NOT A SINGLE ONE!

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Alison said...

Hey, Molly, I actually see a therapist at DU, I'll ask her on Monday if she knows of anyone. What insurance do you have? You can email me -