Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is how children learn:

The other night, The Kid and I were watching the Olympics, waiting for figure skating to come on and meanwhile watching skiing. Aerial skiing, I think. I was distracted, doing other things while watching. The Kid interrupted me from my own private world by asking me, "Mom, what's a delt?"

Thinking that he'd just heard about an injury of some athlete on the TV, I told him that delt is short for deltoid, which is a muscle somewhere around the shoulder, or arm, I think (I should look it up to know for sure, but I don't really care).

The Kid sat back with that info, and I thought we were done. A minute later, The Kid asked, "So, if it's a muscle, what does it mean when we say, He who smelt it, dealt it?"

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jacik said...

ha! that is beautiful.
love you,jk