Sunday, February 12, 2006

Party like a Rock Star Scare

So, the Harry Potter birthday party for The Kid's 6th went off without a hitch on Saturday.

I invited about 24 people to invade my mom's house. She had just remodeled the guest bathroom and bought new furniture, and the 10 or so 5-13 year olds managed to have a pretty rocking party without destroying any property.

Mr. Lady's children were in attendance, and apparently they all got the memo about wearing red, black and white. They are so super color coordinated, that perhaps they can use this as their first album cover when they form their band in 9 years. They're so like the White Stripes here, minus any scary facial hair.

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jacik said...

i can see the formings of the next greatest band in the world. i cannot wait! i am glad the party was fun. i cannot believe how fast he is growing you both!