Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day, Yo.

I have a friend that calls this day Black Tuesday (or Thursday, or whatever). I just like to call it VD, but that's because I'm secretly Beavis.

Mine was horribly romantic.

Um, not so much.

I did help out in the classroom for The Kid's party. It was pretty amazing to be back in that classroom to see all of the kids and their behavior. The last time I spent more than 5 minutes in the classroom was on Halloween, and it's pretty miraculous to see how all of the kids have grown and matured. I even had a moment with the class bully, you know, the one that looks like Scott Fargas from A Christmas Story. We glued a heart onto a foam bear, and it was a beautiful moment. Apart from the fact that 5 and 6 year olds are undeniably cute, just hanging out with them was instantly endearing. They really have learned how to behave at school, and that was pretty amazing.

But then we got out the cupcakes, and all hell broke loose.

I worked from home for the remainder of the day. And when I say worked from home, I really mean it. It was amazing. I was so in the zone.

For dinner tonight, The Kid and I had Little Neighbor over for dinner, so his mom and her boyfriend could have a date. Our dinner was terribly romantic. We ate fish sticks and french fries. Only, I had to tell Little Neighbor that they were chicken-fish sticks, and that The Kid and I just call them fish sticks for short, because really, who has the time to say chicken fish sticks, what with all of the time it takes to cook them? So, we ate chicken fish sticks (fish sticks for short) and watched the Westminster Dog Show. Can I just say that watching the Westminster Dog show is in my top 5 sporting events every year, including Olympic years? I'm so not kidding.

I quite honestly couldn't have asked for a better Valentines Day. But THEN, we topped it off with dilly bars from DQ and I seriously think that my life has become complete. Dairy Queen, you complete me.

Even Little Neighbor had to agree with me on the excellence of the day. He told me tonight that his dream is to eat chicken fish sticks with ketchup, drinking milk. Ah, dream big, little one, dream big.

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