Friday, December 12, 2008

Actual Music I Have Listened To... preparation for IEP meetings.

I have to psych myself up for school meetings like athletes get ready for the big game. I need to get myself ready with the three basics of IEP preparation: 1. Don't Cry. 2. Kick Ass. 3. Take Names. Oh, and of course, be nice, don't burn bridges, but mostly 1, 2 and 3.

Here's the top five songs I've used to prepare:

1. Army of Me.
"If you complain, one more time, you'll meet an army of me." Simple enough.

2. Lacrymosa.
Get the tears out privately. I nominate this song for the saddest song ever, in latin.

3. Hooker with a Penis
Um, I had to look up this title, and I had no idea this was the name of this song. I know it as the 'Fuck You, Buddy' song, and it's fairly hard for me to believe that the actual name of the song is well, worse than that. Actually it totally changes my concept of the song, and I must state here that this has been my go-to angry song for the last, um 12 years, and I never ever listened to the words, tried to conceive that tool had stories to tell in their songs. But, it totally also totally makes sense. "If I'm the man then your a fucking man as well." Um. That just makes me feel stupid that I never figured that out. I include it, because it's a rocking, ANGRY song. Now, however, I know it's a song about some dude's angry reaction to finding out the painted lady he hired is no lady at all. Ah well.

4. Lessons Learned.
Cheeseball, I need inspiration song. No nominee for best ever anything, unless you count lyrics that speak to me, personally. It is also very hard to find good you tube videos of this song, just so you know.

5. Me Jane.
Dude. This post is making me feel old. This has been my she-power song for 15 years. I swear I do have new songs that I like. I swear! I'm still, um, six months behind being hip! I just can't put any of those songs as my go-to psych up songs yet*.I used to listen to this song to get ready for dates (this may explain why I'm not married). Now I listen to it on my way to talk about my son's special education interventions in the school. I'm also nuts.

*Honorable Mention: Hot Soft Light
Didn't mention this song because it's totally about partying and making out and being stupid and young, so it's not particularly inspiring me for IEP meetings, persay. More of an 'on the way to work' song, for sure. Apparently, I need to rethink my criteria, because I clearly am inspired to talk education by songs about dudes who are really pissed off that their hookers are dudes.


Zoeyjane said...

I love TOOL. Don't worry, if that's, um, disturbing, there's at least 5 or 6 other song's of Maynard's that you could switch over to. And not all of them involve buggery.

Em said...

LOL...the Hooker with a Penis/Fuck You, Buddy song is just too funny. But my wife has the same #1 rule as you...don't cry. She usually does cry so she doesn't even have a rule #2. I jump right in and start with #2...kick ass. But I try to kick in the nicest way possible.

Lorna said...

I've given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

Riahli said...

love the #4 song.

lyndsey said...

I just have to say, I'm so glad to see you back on here. Your wit and fabulous sense of humor would have been sorely missed had you given up Soapy Water. Of course, I have the ability to keep track of you on AI still--mwah-ha-ha-ha! :)

Peggy said...

You're too cool for school, Molly.

JenPB said...

Seems like the old standby "Welcome to the Jungle" would be just about right for psychin' up for any meeting with school folk... ;)