Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Either he's incredibly astute or I'm raising a heathen

As overheard during a telephone conversation with my sister, Beans, who, as you will learn, works for a church:

The Kid: You'll have to come to Sundae Sunday!

Beans: I would have to do a Sundae Tuesday because I work on Sunday.
The Kid: You work on Sunday? Where?
Beans: At a church.

The Kid: Is that where the judges work and stuff?
Beans: [stifles laugh] No, sweetie, its where you go and thank God and sing songs and stuff.

The Kid: Oh, like you are thankful for your family and all the things you have?

And so on...

In all fairness, The Kid has not been in a church since a certain fateful Easter wherein I became incredibly fed up with the Catholic Church and vowed only to return for funerals and weddings, maybe. But then again, every third book on my bookshelves includes images like the following, where, if you look closely, you'll see angels at the left hand of God like totally weighing the souls of the dead to see who goes to heaven and hell (because, it's like totally the LAST JUDGEMENT), so, yeah, there are totally judges there and stuff.


Alison said...

I thought the Catholic church was all about judgment. Judging what you do, judging what you don't do, judging what you should do... That's why I got fed up!

Sarah Dawson said...

Ha ha! The Kid's astute, rest assured.

Diane said...

I can relate. I have way too many issues with churches.

Harley got bombarded a few years ago on the playground from religious hispanic children. Since we do not go to church, he was told that we were all going straight to hell.

This started questions and he asked for a bible. I gladly bought him a children's bible and then, we were flooded with questions. My athiest hubby sent him my way nearly everytime.

Where did Mr. Lady's blog disappear too? It's been gone for a day or two, I think.

Auntie Beans said...

I think he's a very astute heathen...

jacik said...

i think he's an astute bit of heaven.