Friday, August 11, 2006

Most Funny

I just pulled a photo album from 2004 off of the shelf. Don't know why. Just did. On the last page I had saved a sheet from one of those huge notepads that are used for presentations or at schools, you know, the 2' x 1.5' sized ones.

On it was written a gem that I can't believe I haven't told you all before. It was from the fall of The Kid's preschool year. His teachers there did a "question of the day" thing, and wrote down whatever the kids answered and tacked it up on the door so when we picked them up, we'd see all of the answers.

This question of the day, I had asked to keep, and have saved in the back of this photo album. It reads:

"What chores do you do at home?"

Sally: I pick up my toys.
Johnny: I help my mom with the laundry.
The Kid: I do the dishes all while my mom watches TV all day.

Funny? Because it's true.


mr. lady said...

I love him. Can I have him?

Sarah Dawson said...

Ha, ha! That's SO hilarious. What a pearl.