Tuesday, August 01, 2006


That's how hot The Kid's armpit is right now. Poor baby. He's sick. He's got that bleary-eyed flu-pathetic-delirious thing going, where he can't get comfortable. He can't complete sentences, and he is at once adorable and whiny. Flu-time is the only time where sweet and whiny can coexist. So, he's laying on the couch, where he's been when he tried to drink a mug of soup three hours ago, but then it quickly turned into fitful sleep. He's been sleeping for about two hours, where he finally settles into a comfortable sleep until he moves to another position, and the equilibrium he'd previously built up in his nasal cavity is compromised, causing a mucal tidal wave inside his head. Then the coughing resumes. It's sad, yo.


Diane said...

Ugh. Feel for you both. Hope he's better and SOON.

Sarah Dawson said...

Aww. Poor Kid. I send him a virtual kiss and hug.