Saturday, May 20, 2006

Field Day

Nowadays, Field Day is a totally non-competitive fun day with athletic events. In no way are we to stress competition, or award ribbons based on placing in any of these events.

That is, however, until your kid takes off on the long distance race, and wins by at least 15 yards from the nearest child, and about 50 yards from the rest of the class. To wit:

In this instance, you are to just praise him for participating. Until you get home, and then it is your right and, indeed, duty, to brag to every living being about your child's physical prowess. And give him and extra bowl of ice cream for dessert.

[please note that in the photo below, the victor of the long-distance track event is smiling and posing for photos while his fellow competitors are still finishing the race!!!] Okay, I'm done being the obscenely proud mom. Thanks.


molly_g said...

Okay, I'm totally commenting on my own post here, but I just noticed that the way that The Kid has his arms all double-jointed in front of him, kind of makes him look like his head has done a 180, and we're actually looking at his back or something. Pictures sure look different on the view finder of the camera. ha ha.

mr. lady said...

Is it wholly inapprporiate to make the obvious "run, Forrest, run!" comment here? Cause you know that's what I'm thinking!

molly_g said...

Go ahead. Stupid is as stupid does.

Just kidding. I'm still your #1 Fiend.

Alison said...

Molly, The Kid is gorgeous. You have every right to be proud!

We do need to get together sometime. I do still have your number. I'll give you a call after this week when hopefully my life will calm down a bit.

Kathy T said...
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palefire said...

I absolutely love that you got a shot of him calm & relaxed (he may as well be in a smoking jacket with a pipe) while his classmates complete the same race. Classic! You could claim that he's so fast that while you were taking the picture he looked at you and then his classmates so quickly that the film only picked up the back of his arms and the front of his head. Congrats, plank!! Way to be... equal?? equal plus?