Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Total Mysteries

Brought to you by site meter: Why is it that five people, in different places around the US, happened to google "Something in the way he moves me" between 6:42 and 6:53 this evening, bringing them to this site?

Brought to you by AquaNet: Did I actually turn around and play some soccer after taking this picture? Nice hair.

EDIT: Never mind, at least about mystery number one. American Idol, Catherine McPhee, which explains the change in gender in the song. I get it.


Mr Lady said...

* snicker *

Sometimes I get down on my knees and thank Jesus that my mother destroyed all the pictures of me up until 17.

t-roy said...

That photo *rocks*!

Leslie Dillinger said...

Hott. You're like, the sexiest soccer player ever.

Peggy said...

HA! I'd like to think that I had maybe just a little bit to do with that hair, Molly.

Love your big sister and curling iron mentor,


amanda said...

I'm lovin' that hair! :)