Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Okay, Okay, I'm done being done.

Kind of. I can't promise anything.

Because I'm a corporate drone, let's update with bullet points. I've been a citizen of a corporation so long, that when I am in a hurry, I just naturally gravitate towards the bullet point. This is officially the death of the grad student inside of me. Goodbye, longwinded narrative prose. Goodbye soul.

  • Have you ever seen that Office where Michael tells the office that they are getting laid off, make fabulous plans for the future, are excited about the change, and then find out they aren't getting laid off in the end and feel totally deflated as a result? That was me last week. I still have my job. Whoopee.
  • I fully realize how whiny that statement is. A lot of people would like to have jobs.
  • My boss's last day, however, is December 31. I am incredibly sad about this fact. He is one of the few things I truly love about my job.
  • The Kid's down-titration of meds is causing some major behavior issues. Or perhaps it is the fact that he's really obsessed with Christmas and isn't sleeping.
  • The Kid's doctor is still certain that we drop meds without adding anything else. Issues will sort themselves out.
  • I very reasonably and calmly informed the school of what's going on with the meds, and although they were initially very against the dropping of meds, I've gotten them to understand the impetus to do so, and how very vital it is to the health of The Kid to do so, although they still don't see that we had periods like this with the meds too, because we all think in frameworks and cause and effect of the easiest identifiable thing.
  • We meet tomorrow afternoon to discuss how best to handle the behaviors we're seeing.
  • They assure me they are not talking about a change of placement. I realize how fucked in the head I am still from the previous school's inability to create behavior plans and follow IEP's, because I find it hard to believe that they are this professional and willing to work with me to keep The Kid in school, to keep him safe, and to get him learning instead of spending time outside of the classroom calming down from anger.

Okay, I have to go to work. It also snowed like crazy this week and remained below freezing so driving sucks right now. I really hate snow. I'm not over last winter. I am dreaming of Hawaii.


MarysMom said...

When I had to drive my daughter to school, in the snow, I was dreaming about warmer climes, too. Let me know when you are off to Hawaii, I'll meet you at the airport.

Sadie said...

Glad you have you back!!!

Love the bullet points. If it's any consolation, I'm not a, drone, sorry...and I use bullet points too!!