Wednesday, August 22, 2007

When in doubt, haiku.

I can't seem to post
I'd prefer to watch re-runs,
sleep, or sudoku.

stream of consciousness
haiku. brought to you by me,
cuz I don't write prose.

(not tonight, anyway)

The Kid started school
Second grade already, sheesh.
He missed the routine.

He's ramping up like
He did last year. I don't know
what we're up against.

What do his meds do?
Takes them everyday, for what?
He'll lose control still.

What do his meds do?
What will this do to his brain?
I mean, like, longterm.

But what would it be
to have him not take his meds?
Better? Worse? Way worse?

I am turning into
J. Alfred Prufrock. Mermaids
do not sing to me.

In the room the wo-
men come and go talking of

I lost my Norton
Anthology. No more
T.S. Eliot

plus, I should stop with
that. you all are going to think
I'm losing my shit.


Alison said...

Um, we're still on for Monolith, right?

mr lady said...

Um, you're way cooler than me, dude. Just saying.

Leslie Dillinger said...

I don't think you're losing your shit. You must have it somewhat together if you're composing haikus!