Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So, yes, I've managed to keep Daisy the kitty alive for a full eleven days. Well, there was a close call there in an incident involving a three inch wedge heel and a tail, and I'll tell you, I pulled through that one, barely. The cat? She ran away just in time for my faceplant into the couch.

So other than that, not much is going on here. Did you know that you can watch a kitten grow?

Last week:

This week:
Alright, I realize this may be something only I can see, but seriously, bitch is porking out on the kibbles (okay, I used a bad word there strictly to move from the PG rating I got so I can be more "adult" like her and her and him).

Did you know that a kitty will always need to take some 'personal space' as soon as you decide it's time to clean out her litter box? And that you will never, ever tire of watching a kitten run full speed down a hallway to make a 90 degree turn on hardwood?

In a week, this kitty has gone from angel lover baby to gonzo mischief maker and impulsive killer of any and all moving (or not moving) limbs (or extremities, or clothing, or hair, or noses) on any individual human in her vicinity. In short, she is a kitten.

Also, did you know that if a cat is befouled by falling into a tub being emptied of bathwater, she will return to the scene of the crime to investigate, as if the place had offended her, and you better believe she is going sort this shit out here and now and if there are any loose toes on the way she will definitely be violently pouncing, biting and attacking them with her wet self because, what are you looking at?

In non-kitty news, the sunsets in Denver have been sublime this week. The Kid and I have become connoiseurs.

He's also huge. You can watch him grow as well, like Bamboo. Or Kitties.


Leslie Dillinger said...

The kitty is super cute, but I love that last picture of The Kid at sunset. Fabulous.

mr lady said...

Kitty in the tub? Best. Picture. EVER.

And dude, you totally have a cat blog. Soapy Kitty Water.

mamacumquat said...

Oh my gosh...just checked your blog for first time in a long time....Congrats on Daisy. She sure is a looker! Gawd, i love kittens. Glad the kid is enjoying the little rambunctious girl!

Diane said...

Love the pictures. Daisy is simply adorable.