Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Other Best Friend From High School

In all of the drama of the past few weeks, I've neglected to direct your attention to Mama Cumquat, aka my best friend from high school. She happens to be the person who introduced me to both Mr. Lady and Sarah.

She also happens to be the first friend I had, outside of my sisters, who really got me and she did a great deal towards teaching me how to be myself around people. Because before her, I was a pretty lonely little teenager. I was never unpopular in school, but I definitely didn't get to talk about the stuff I wanted to talk about with my friends. In fact, right before I met Ms. Cumquat, I was told by a friend that I used too big of words, and if I wanted to be friends with her, I needed to not be so serious all of the time. Yeah. Teenagers suck.

So anyway, enter Mama Cumquat. She was the new kid, she was in my french class, she wore lots of silver and listened to cool music. She had a thing for Peter Gabriel. We became fast friends, and with her I was able to incorporate my love of books and movies and talking about real life things like politics and religion with wanting to talk about boys and clothes.

Recently, she's been blessed with a son. I've not met him in person yet, but every time I see a picture of this kid, I couldn't love him more. He's gonna be as warm and funny as his mama, I can tell. Anyway, check out her blog!


Diane said...


Lovely post. I tend to want to forget most of my time from high school. I wasn't popular and had a small circle of friends. Hanging out wasn't something that I got to do that often with my friends.

It amazes me how all of you women met and you are seem so intertwined. Warm and wonderful story. Teased for your vocabulary, never heard that one before. Kids can be such jerks.

I'm remembering already that being a pre-teen or teen is going to suck. It's starting already in middle school with Harley with stupid kid stuff and not so other stuff.

Is it me or do the majority of people blogging seem to be WOMEN? I'll add this to my pile of things to look up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are a lot of chick bloggers out there. Women are better with words, dude. I'm just kidding. Sort of.

I firmly think there is something in the air/water in CO that intertwines people. Fosters bonds, and whatnot.

Remember how we stood in line right beside each other at that last Lollapalooza before college? Remember how you guys were on the left side of the stage and I was on the right side of the stage at that Thanksgiving show of The Psychedelic Zombiez, our last year of high school? Remember all the times we must have passed each other en route to the counter at Paris on the Platte, or St. Mark's?


And then we did.

mamacumquat said...

"we never met" know what i am referencing here, don't you?

Molly, i'm honored that you dedicated a whole blog to me....And geez, you were the same oasis for me, though for different reasons. You are an awesome person, molly. And damn if we didn't have some fucking great times in high school.

Now the heat is on to make my blog interesting, when it's just a stream of consciousness that holds no real meaning for anyone except those who know me....i am sheepish.

I thought of you yesterday once again, because i went swimming and of course, you were on my mind as i went back and forth across the pool, almost hearing ole Shan yelling at us to speed up or to quit hanging out at the end of the lane. I miss those days.
In lieu of all that you have going on, i really am going to urge you to have your wonderful mom watch william for a few hours this weekend and take some time to swim. It is so cleansing. I could almost imagine you diving in and feeling weightless, even for an hour or so..... Promise me you'll try.

molly_g said...

I'm glad that you thought of me this time for swimming (which we both did all three years we knew eachother), and not for "Winds of Change," although that is such a beautiful song, and yearbook. he he. I haven't swum laps in YEARS. Sounds like a good idea.

And you know what? I think you are overestimating the numbers that read my blog. Basically, this post is letting Peggy know you have a blog. : )

molly_g said...

Wait, I don't mean we only knew each other for three years, I mean that we were in swim team as 10th 11th and 12th graders. Mamacumquat was captain. I was varsity only because I was the only other senior who'd been on swim team since freshman year who would have NOT been on varsity, so the coach gave me a pass. Oh, and I was willing to do the IM and butterfly.

Peggy said...

mamacumqwat! Now I will lurk your blog just like I've been lurking on Mr. Lady's for all this time.

Thanks Molly for letting me know!

Oh, and btw mama ... I've seen pictures of that little bundle you've got. He's ADORABLE.

Bonnie said...

This sister is also a big lurker too! Hi Mamacumquat! Hi Mr. Lady! I want to see baby pics! Maybe when I'm home next week Molly will let me see some.