Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey's over, Bring on the Roast Beast!!!

Okay, how is it not only November, but almost December? They say that time flies when you are having fun. Clearly, the last three months have been LOADS of fun, then. My mindset is still in August. Maybe I've progressed to understand that it's September. The weather is not helping. Last week we had temps in the 70's. Damn this global warming.

I did put up my Christmas tree today. Whoa. The Kid was PSYCHED. I had told him that the chore for today was to clean the house so we could get out the Christmas stuff. Like, get out the Christmas stuff, eventually. He saw it as a one-day deal... So, like any right minded 5 year old, he woke me up at 6:30, rolled the vacuum into my room, and said, "Get up! It's time to clean!!!" Um, a little role reversal anyone?

I fought him for time. We did wake up and clean, but I was still in no way in the mood for Christmas stuff. I then remembered, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." We watched Elf, which I now have to admit is my absolute favorite Christmas movie--sorry to all my Hoosiers and Christmas Story fans, and my dad, for It's a Wonderful Life (which is not so much a Christmas movie to me but a year-round reminder of the impact of our lives and definitely one of the best tear jerkers EVER made, and so falls under a whole other category). I drank a cup of coffee, and frankly, I'm not sure which gave me the initiative more, but we then decorated. Beautifully, I might add. It's always so fun to get your Christmas decor out.

The Kid then wrote his letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I've been very good. I helped my mom clean and put up the decorations. Can I please have some presents now? [Oh, now I get the motivation... Kind of like cramming for the exam!!!] What I would like for Christmas is:

  • Scamps, my playful pup
  • Smoochie Pup
  • Sunshine Bear (a care bear)
  • A new remote control Velociraptor [so I guess we can't get him a used one?]
  • A sled
  • A kid RV [his only 'dream on' entry, he wants one of those mechanical cars for kids, which, dream on, yo.]
  • A Dinosaur Skeleton Puzzle
  • A new stuffed penguin w/ a Santa hat [um, what?]
  • Harry Potter stuff, especialy a Dobby toy
  • Cold-nosed pup in yellow [I was laughing at this, until I googled it, and they're way cute, although I still don't get the "cold nose" thing. Is it refridgerated? Will I have to put water in it? I'm scared...]


The Kid

All in all a pretty good list. Santa can abide. Something makes me think that The Kid likes dogs...

I still don't believe it's November. Now I need to go shopping? Huh?


mister lady said...

I also think Elf is the best Xmas movie of all time!

Mrs. Ris said...

I went to bed on Friday night while my teenage daughter was still up. She had had 2 coffees at Starbucks with friends after dinner, and experienced her first caffeine high. When I woke up on Sat morning, 2 of our 4 Xmas trees were up and fully decorated, as was the family room mantle, etc. It was like walking into a Christmas store!!! She is amazing, as is the whole of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

I'll bet the look on her face was a mirror of The Kid as he rolled in the vacuum!!! Priceless!! Enjoy all of the fun to come! He's at such a perfect age!