Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I SO promise not to do this often

Not much is happening w/ the kid (he's as charming as ever). So, instead, Katrina. And beyond Katrina, the socio-economic and racial issues that it brings up. If you have a strong stomach when seeing the N-word, click here. It's a somewhat interesting blog entry with a really shocking title out of the Daily Kos site that talks about the "zebra city" of New Orleans that got me really thinking about what's going on down there. All I have to say is that if I were too poor to drive, bus, carpool or otherwise get the hell out of a place that was destined to sure destruction, I might steal myself a couple pairs of Jimmy Choo's too. And some bottled water, and some Ritz crackers (heh). And if you're a true liberal, check this article out (you'll have to watch an ad to do it, but it effectively blames Bush for flooding N'awlins, if that makes it worth it to you). I heard someone say today that the money withheld from the New Orleans levee project was the equivalent of 8 hours in Iraq. There's money well spent.

I seriously promise to keep this non-subject posting to a minimum, except for the occasional rant and natural disaster.

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